Physical Healthcare


Dr. Dev Markan

Profession: GP
Website: St. Vincent Medical Group, Sonja Schaffer, MS, FNP-C |
9762 1041 | Shop 2 / 20 Victoria Road Parramatta, NSW 2150
Fees: Medicare bulk bulling, possibly more
Recommendation: "He is very accepting, patient and open-minded. For example, I came out as queer, and he was very supportive. In Sydney especially, it is very hard to find a doctor (especially if you're from a multicultural background) who will not be dismissive of you, especially if your symptoms are not very obvious. So I would reccommend this doctor for anyone in the Parramatta area needing a GP who won't judge them, and will take their concerns seriously. I felt very comfortable with him, as he explained concepts that I was confused about, and will ask consent/explain procedures before they happen. He has seen other patients from multicultural, neurodiverse and queer backgrounds. He works with a wide range of patients, and has experience in both physical and mental health issues. Since he is a GP, I have found he has a general knowledge about these issues, but he is always willing to do research and tries his best to help you find the services you need."
Rating from aces: 5


Ann Marie Stafford CNM

Profession: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Website: Beebe Healthcare
(302) 645-4700 | 1535 Savannah Road, Lewes, DE 19958
Insurance: Aetna, BCBS
Recommendation: Been there 3 times for routine OBGYN check ups. She is extremely patient, kind, and understanding. She explained the process and gives me the autonomy to leave if I feel uncomfortable. I got pap smears done, which are not pleasant but even if abstinent, that area should still get checked for cancer and other problems. My first visit, I couldn't go through with the pain and she was more than kind about it. It was her kindness that gave me strength to come back back and get the tests done successfully. She's never brought up my asexuality once since I told her on my first visit, nor has alluded to it. I cannot recommend her enough as an ace.
Rating from aces: 5


Jennifer Strickland, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Profession: Primary care, urgent care
Website: LMH Health
(785) 505-5475 | 3211 South Iowa Street, Suite 100, Lawrence, KS 66046
Recommendation: She was very understanding about me being asexual. She was kind about me not wanting to have a gyn exam.
Rating from aces: 5


Sonja Schaffer, MS, FNP-C

Profession: Primary Care, Nurse Practioner
Website: St. Vincent Medical Group, Sonja Schaffer, MS, FNP-C
(508) 784-1278 | 9 Trolley Crossing Road, Charlton, MA 01507
Recommendation: Great ace-friendly primary care provider. She did not assume my orientation or gender when we first met and even suggested that something I said sounded demisexual. Shocked that she knew that term, I felt comfortable & told her that I was indeed ace and she responded very respectfully. There have never been any issues surrounding my identity. She is a very empathetic and patient doctor who takes the time to listen and help you without rushing the appointment. She’s mental-health conscious and is very consent-aware too. She is my primary care provider and if she needs a second opinion, she will bring in the main Doctor to take a look. I get anxiety around medical things and Nurse Schaffer creates a safe, comfortable atmosphere that really eases fear. From what I hear, the other primary care providers at the practice are LGBTQIA+ affirming too. Highly recommend to fellow ace siblings!
Rating from aces: 5

New York

Dr. Arthur Cohen

Profession: Gynecologist
Website: NYU Langone Arthur Cohen
(516) 437-5547 | 2001 Marcus Ave Ste 265 S Lake Success NY 11042 United States
Many plans! List available on website listed above.
Recommendation: After many bad experiences with multiple gynecologists, I was very hesitant to visit Dr. Cohen, especially as he is an older, white, cis man. BUT! He IMMEDIATELY accepted everything about my identity—my asexuality, my gender (not cis), and my strong desire to NOT have children—and understood how all of those things might impact my gynecological needs! He was the first gynecologist to really consider my symptoms, and it’s thanks to him—and the surgeon he sent me to—that my life has changed! I recommend him wholeheartedly, for both his medical acumen and his understanding & acceptance that being asexual shouldn’t be considered a symptom of anything, but rather just a thing some people are.
Rating from aces: 5

Dr. Kathryn Alcarez

Profession: Primary Care / General Practitioner
Website: Manhattan Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.
(212)725-5300 | 145 E 32 St, Suite 303 Between Lex and 3rdAve New York NY 10016 | Takes many kinds of insurance.
Recommendation: I've been going to her for years and came out to her at some point. She's very sweet and really cares and listens.
Rating from aces: 5

Planned Parenthood in Queens

Profession: Many health care options
Website: Planned Parenthood
(212) 965-7000 | 21-41 45th Rd, Queens, NY 11101 |
Recommendation: I've never had trouble with Planned Parenthood in Queens

Devorah C. Daley

Profession: Gynecologist
Website: Weil Cornell: Devorah Daley
Recommendation: When she was asking about my sexual history she was clear and specific about what she meant. She did not have any negative comments when I said I was not and had not been sexually active. Also when discussing treatment/vaccinations related to sexual health she said when or if you have sex.
Rating from aces: 5


Strive Phisical Therapy

Profession: Physical therapy, Sports medicine
Website: Strive Physical Therapy
(215) 454-2812 | 2 Penn Center 1500 JFK Blvd. Suite 450 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Description: The Strive location at Two Penn Center has amazing physical therapists that are very accepting. I have been working with them specifically on vaginal dysfunction, and the idea that some part of my attraction, lack of attraction, or lack of sexual desire may be a problem has never been mentioned.
Rating from aces: 5

South Carolina

QC Kinetix (Greenville) | Self Identified Ace Provider

Profession: Chiropracter/ Family Medicine
Website: QC Kinetix |
(864) 448-3772 | 1757 Woodruff Rd, Unit D, Greenville, SC 29615
Insurance: Variety (see website)
Description: QC Kinetix is a medical clinic utilizing non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments to help patients feel and perform at their very best. We help patients who are dealing with all types of chronic pain conditions, including: knee pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis and more. We offer free in-office consultations, where you’ll get to meet our doctors and receive a one-on-one evaluation, complete with treatment options and a plan that suits your needs and budget.


Caroline Wichman

Profession: Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Website: Caroline Wichman
(804) 741-6200 | 9600 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA 23229
Insurance: Variety (see website)
Recommendation: Caroline is very nice and understanding! When I talked to her about getting a hormone check (at the time, I was hesitant to embrace the ace identity), she steered me away from that and went on to talk about sexuality. She didn’t even want to assume my gender and asked if I was sure I’m a cis female (yes). She also asked me questions about who I was attracted to and whatnot. She went on to talk about how sexuality is different for everyone, and not being sexually attracted to people isn’t a bad thing and is actually fairly normal. She reassured me that there is nothing wrong with me, and I could find a partner who is compatible with me. Anyway, very open-minded and kind woman (even though I came with difficult questions about sexuality!).
Rating from aces: 5


Dr. Arika Dortero

Profession: Naturopathic Physician
Website: Neighborhood Naturopathic
(206) 486-8383 | 5410 California Ave SW Suite 203, Seattle, WA 98136
Insurance: Regence, Premera, First Choice, Lifewise, and Kaiser
Recommendation: Dr. Dortero was very accepting when I brought up my asexuality and seemed to know what the identity was already without my having to explain it. She also asked for pronouns when we first met and all of her intake forms used gender neutral language. Over all a very positive experience and the entire clinic team seems very inclusive!
Rating from aces: 4


Dr. Kim Curran

Profession: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APNP) Family Medicine
Website: Dr. Kim Curran
(608) 417-8800 | 3102 Meriter Way Madison, WI 53719
Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield & others
Recommendation: Several years ago I saw a doctor who gave me a PAP even though I had said that I never had sex, and it was a terrible experience. When I started seeing Kim, I told her I was ace, and she has accepted it at face value. She put off all my PAPs and continues to delay them to the best of her ability. She's never made a big deal out of it, and I'm grateful to have her!
Rating from aces: 5

If you've had great experiences with a professional, or are ace and would like to recommend yourself, make a recommendation here!.